MLB Advertisements Cancelled for Jewish Slander

Promotional advertisements seen on Major League Baseball, which related to Roger Waters North American Tour, have been terminated. This follows after the ad received substantial criticism from Jewish Advocacy Groups. The B’nai B’rith Organization and Roger Waters have been at odds for a prolonged period. He supported the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement against the Jewish people. Major League Baseball provided proof that indicated they weren’t aware of the exceedingly intolerant opinions of Waters. It caused MLB to terminate the advertisement across all platforms and begin an investigation regarding any Anti-Semitic behaviour displayed through these ads.

The B’nai B’rith Organization and Major League Baseball are conversing with one another privately to determine solutions that ensure Anti-Semitic advertisements aren’t ever shown on their platforms going forward. There’s also a significant chance that MLB lawyers and witnesses will assist B’nai with any potential lawsuit with Roger Waters. There’s also a chance that contract obligations could be broken by Major League Baseball Officials, which would see Roger Waters lose numerous tour dates in his upcoming “This is not a drill” tour. He’s been known to frequent these baseball stadiums for the last nine years. However, when Roger Waters first played his music under the MLB banner, Anti-Semitic behaviour wasn’t shown. Unfortunately, racism worldwide has grown exponentially in the last five years.

Rogers Backs Racist Behaviour

Those thinking that Roger Waters would apologize for his offensive actions would be wrong. After being questioned on the recent decision from Major League Baseball, Waters noted that our time towards extinction is growing and limited global populations will be one of his discussed subject matters during this tour. He continued by expressing that we’ve got to organize ourselves as human beings or face certain death.

Roger Waters wants to create a global movement that shows worldwide citizens the pressing concerns facing our society. No mention was made against the Jewish people in his statements but considering that the subject matter pertained to previous Anti-Semitic behaviour, some question if Waters was referring to a second holocaust. The way Roger Waters worded his statements has allowed him to face new backlash. Major League Baseball has numerous Jewish players and employees; they’ll more than likely fight against Waters ridiculous behaviour.