MLB Being Sued By Fans

Major League Baseball’s Commissioner is being sued by two fans in New York State, with this lawsuit extending towards thirty teams in MLB. Slated to become a Class-Action Case, it’d enable MLB supporters that purchased tickets to receive inevitable refunds that Rob Manfred refused earlier this month. Filed to the Law Angeles US District Attorneys Office, claims from Matthew Ajzenman and Susan Terry-Bazer mentioned that they’d purchased an influx of tickets. When requesting a refund after the novel coronavirus outbreak, both NY Mets supporters were denied with disrespectful service.

The associated cost with purchasing tickets for Major League Baseball matches is extensive. These games are unplayable amidst the coronavirus pandemic, with MLB Directives previously indicating that refunds would be provided amidst a match’s postponement. These directives aren’t being enforced, with ticket merchants like Live Nation, refusing to issue back the consumers money. Requests to have tickets furloughed until a rescheduled match has also been denied.

Rob Manfred is considered the worst MLB Commissioner in history, often approving of disrespectful behaviour towards supporters and players. Sports analysts aren’t surprised by the lack of sympathy from Manfred, who’s refused to provide public remarks on this situation. Considering the overwhelming backlash that the MLB Commissioner has experienced throughout COVID-19, it’s anticipated that Rob Manfred will lose this Class-Action Lawsuit.

The Accused

The defendants accused in this class-action lawsuit include Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Stubhub, and Last Minute Transactions. It should be mentioned that American Law states if an entertainment venue is cancelled, refunds must be initiated. Operators like Stubhub will have to implement these refunds to avoid potentially more substantial fines from the US District Attorney’s Office in California.

Fans have demanded that MLB provide restitution for all consumers that purchased tickets for the 2020 season. Consumers purchased tickets after Rob Manfred continuously promised that the seasonal events wouldn’t be postponed amidst COVID-19. The fact that this commissioner is now working against refunds shows another instance of his borderline criminal player. The continued backlash will find Rob Manfred losing his position as Major League Baseball Commissioner, which would be well deserved. Regardless of what happens, these supporters will more than likely win their class-action lawsuit.