MLB Considering New Playoff Format

Major League Baseball faces an existential crisis following the Houston Astros Scandal. Executives with MLB Corporate have been compiling multiple ideas that’d allow for this scandal to be forgotten. One of those ideas that’s been publicly proposed is the existence of increased playoff teams. Instead of MLB maintaining five teams for playoffs with each of the two divisions, several organizations would be allowed permittance. Following the increased teams, the two highest-scoring organizations with each respective division will receive a direct pass towards the “2020 MLB Championship Division Series”. Subsequently, this would mean six organizations would compete for the final two placements. This would drastically change the layout of Major League Baseball, with numerous individuals connected to the sport expressing their disarray towards this proposal.

The 1st individual that publicly mentioned their disappointment towards this proposal was Trevor Bauer, a pitcher for the Cincinnati Red. With anger behind his social media posts, this man targeted with MLB Commission for his decision. He noted that this proposal is absurd for multiple reasons and that it proves Rob Manfred doesn’t know anything about baseball. The backlash continued with Didi Gregarious from the Philadelphia Phillies, who noted that this loveable sport doesn’t need to be changed.

The Executive Director for the MLB Players Union, Tony Clark, took aim at Rob Manfred after these two players. Social media posts noted that incentivizing competition requires better legislation with MLBs rulebook, not playoff expansions. The executive director continued by noting that the overwhelming majority of players would have to approve this alteration to playoff legislation. Considering that most players have expressed their disapproval towards this proposed change, it’s more than anticipated that Rob Manfred will be overruled.

The Commissioner Needs to Resign

Rob Manfred is considered one of the worst MLB Commissioners in the sports existence. He’s received continued backlash for an onslaught on immature decisions, which has proven his lack of knowledge towards baseball. Instead of being considerate towards the fans, the youth that engages minor league baseball, respecting governing officials or players associated with this professional league, Rob Manfred has continuously done the opposite.

Most players have publicly demanded that he step down from office, with him refusing and continuously focusing on increasing profits for Major League Baseball. This is regardless of the long-term effects on the sport. Those supporting the growth of MLB hope that Bernie Sanders is elected as President, as he’s confirmed that Washington would force alterations to executive staffing with MLB Corporate. This means that Rob Manfred would be fired, with him having public problems with Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders.