MLB Coronavirus Test Results for October 1st to 8th

The Major League Baseball Player’s Association made a joint-statement with MLB Corporate, revealing that from October 1st to October 8th, there haven’t been other infections of COVID-19. Testing was handled through “MLB’s Coronavirus Health Monitoring & Testing Group”, which sent all conducted tests to local facilities for analysis. MLB & the MLBPA were both pleased with results showing no new infections.

Lack of infections for eight days surprised healthcare analysts, with Major League Baseball struggling for 30+ days to ascertain how curbing COVID-19 is possible. It appears that determination has been revealed to CHMTG Testers, enabling for lack of transmission amongst competing teams. An inevitable 2nd outbreak will occur for MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, with competing teams permitted to travel on-road & host their opponents. When considering that each MLB outfit consists of 50+ players and coaching staff, one will inevitably break protocol & infect multiple co-workers.

Details regarding the testing between October 1st to 8th was revealed by the MLB Coronavirus Health Monitor & Testing Group. Below are the results in point form.

  • Major League Baseball collected 8,089 samples from employed personnel in America & Canada. Obtained samples saw zero new infections with the results seen on October 9th.
  • MLB Baseballers haven’t contracted the coronavirus for forty consecutive days, which means that infections amongst professional athletes were seen for the initial nine days of 2020s Season. All remaining cases have been with the coaching staff or employed personnel.
  • Since testing began in May 2020, there has been more than 164+ thousand samples collected as of October 8th.
  • Ninety-one of the 164+ thousand samples collected have seen positive infections, meaning a transmission rate of 0.06% in Major League Baseball.
  • Fifty-seven of the total infections have been professional athletes, with the remaining 34 being employed personnel.
  • Since monitoring began with the CHMTG, 21 different teams have seen positive infections & required the assistance of MLB Corporate.

The Possibility of a 2nd Outbreak

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred permitting supporters to enter stadiums & watch their favourite teams during the pandemic will cause the 2nd outbreak. It’s been considered for weeks if fans should be allowed back inside their home stadiums, with healthcare experts regularly advising MLB of following through on this idea. Refusal to listen to outbreak specialist recommendations will negatively benefit Rob Manfred.