MLB Corporate and Players Sign Covid-19 Agreement

Players with the Major League Baseball franchise are bracing themselves for the potential that not a single game will be played throughout 2020. This possibility comes with the increasing outbreak of Covid-19 throughout the United States of America. It’s prompting the seasonal calendar year to be delayed exponentially. This is why both MLB Corporate and the players agreed on March 27th, which maintains a precise understanding that both parties will make concessions on paid wages. The deal accounts for economic issues with MLB facing Covid-19, with conversations also be held on the season being entirely cancelled.

This new agreement is permissible until the slated 2021 MLB Season Opener. $170 Million in Salary Funds will be split between all players associated with Major League Baseball. Funds will be provided throughout two months, with reports indicating these salaries could accumulate the full years pay. Considering that a terminated season would result in these players not competing all year, the agreement seems reasonable for both parties.

Contract details with this agreement indicate that is seasonal games are played throughout 2020, the funds awarded during the Covid-19 Outbreak will be removed from the remaining contracted amounts. The MLB Players Association handled the discussions with Major League Baseball Corporate, ensuring that Rob Manfred was consistent with his agreements. Concerns regarding his implementation of Covid-19 Relief Funds followed after issues earlier this year with the Minor Leagues.

Service Time Credits

Contract agreements with the March 27th announcement indicate that “Service Time Credits” will be awarded to players if any seasonal games are managed throughout 2020. These credits will follow through until the 2021 season is this year is cancelled. Service Time requires additional working hours from each respective player, accounting for the lost playtime throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It should be noted that the season opener for MLB was initially slated for March 26th and isn’t expected to re-launch until May 15th. This will be dependent on the condition of Covid-19 in North America. Under a newly scheduled season, playoffs wouldn’t start until after Halloween. Entering into the remaining outbreak period, trades have been frozen for all MLB Teams. This extends to new signings as well. Baseball is America is closed right now.