MLB News – Manny Machado and Bryce Harper

Those who follow major league baseball might have seen multiple articles talk about two of the biggest free agents currently available, including Manny Machado and Bryce Harper.

Both these professional players have been the interest for multiple teams, including the White Sox who showed interest in both. Many other teams considered adding them as well, but not we might just see a deal being sealed as the San Diego Padres put serious offers on the table.

It might have taken a while for the right offer to come along, but the Padres are making the right moves with big offers that wouldn’t easily be topped by other teams. The first offer includes a massive $250 million for Manny, which would see him play with the team for eight years.

Padres Still Interested

The team still shows great interest in the superstar outfielder Bryce Harper as well, but it’s unclear as to how big the deal is and whether Bryce will accept it. Both these baseball stars have incredible records and would certainly provide a massive advantage to the team. From what we see, the Padres are in serious need of middle order batters, for which both Manny and Bryce are perfectly suitable. The offer of $250 million would set Manny third in the batsman line up, and the order for Bryce is still somewhat unclear.

Manny is set to deliver and presented an amazing season last year, including batting of .297 / .367 and .538, which lead to a total of 37 home runs. On the other hand, Bryce certainly isn’t far behind and provides a great batsman record with .249 / .393 and .496 along with 34 home runs. The team is bound to do better with either batter as they haven’t had a player score more than 30 home runs in a season since 2010 when Adrian Gonzalez played for the team.

When we look at the offense these players would add, we see some advantage, but not as big as the batting section. The Padres actually have decent offense, but Manny might just a great fit for the third base alongside Eric Hosmer at first, Luis Urias at second and of course, Fernando Tatis Junior at the short.

When it comes to Harper, it’s a little unclear where he would go in the offense plans, but it is, after all, Bryce Harper and we’re sure the team would make adjustments to the current line up to accommodate the player. Currently, the outfield consists of Wil Myers, Franchy Cordero and Franmil Reyes.

With the addition of these players to the Padres team, we might just see a whole new level of play with the season ahead. The offers have not been accepted just yet, but we are expecting talks between the team and both players. Worst case scenario, we’re sure to see Manny meet with the team at least.