MLB Not Permitting Violent Altercations

The COVID-19 pandemic has enforced drastic changes onto our daily lives, which extends towards significant corporations and sporting institutions worldwide. The United States of America has become the epicentre nation surrounding this virus, prompting all sports institutions to revise how their operations resume with lockdown restrictions being lifted. One measure being enforced regards physical altercations, which MLB Representatives confirmed will not be permitted under any conditions. Significant penalties could ensue towards players that do not obey these temporary regulations, with the most extensive punishment being a full season ban.

Major League Baseball takes these punishments seriously after the cheating scandal with the Houston Astros. Multiple suspensions and fines were enacted because of that nationally reported story, which saw thousands of fans disavow the MLB. Those who thought penalties towards the Houston Astros will be surprised when the first COVID-19 punishments are inevitably acted. Players not suspended from games will be charged thousands in penalties, with their respective payments being issued towards charitable organizations assisting with COVID-19 relief.

The official protocols state that those found instigating fights or participating in violent altercations will not be permitted to the player for a minimum of one game. Details on the exact cost associated with these fines were not released in the public statement, with MLB Insiders noting it will vary between $10,000.00 and $50,000.00. Those wanting to attack their opposing competitors will have to determine if that personal satisfaction is worth the associated cost.

The Plan

Major League Baseball hasn’t been permitted to exercise their seasonal matches after the American & Canadian government banned all mass gatherings through March, April, and May. MLB Organizers have now released a strategic plan that could see a 2020 season played under a revised schedule. It’d compile eighty-two matches with teams allowed to play at home and off-site.

There’d been six different sub-leagues competing towards the MLB Championships. Another unexpected announcement in the strategic plan confirmed that thirty players would be permitted for each team. This will create a level of excitement not seen in Major League Baseball since the classic days. Those slated to participate in the newly revised 2020 season will begin training by June 1st, under the condition that these plans are approved.