MLB Pitcher Murdered in Mexico

The death tolls associated with Mexico are astonishing, with it being the murder capital of the world. Celebrities and individuals of wealth have been exposed to these sadistic crimes. Most recently Narciso Elvira was murdered by an unnamed individual, his son of 20 years was also killed was these unknown criminals. It’s known that these individuals broke into his Veracruz home before taking the lives of these two men. No arrests have been made, and anybody with leads is implored to inform local law enforcement.

Narciso Elvira was a famous pitcher in Major League Baseball. He played for the Milwaukee Brewers throughout the 1990s season, eventually moving onwards to Japanese and South Korean baseball leagues. Finally, he’d retire to farming, with Narciso Elvira being targeted by Mexican gangs since 2015. It’s suspected that local Veracruz cartel committed these atrocious crimes. When originally kidnapped back in 2015, it took law enforcement twenty-three days before Elvira was released and his offenders were captured.

Details Regarding Narciso Elvira’s Death

Those individuals were part of the Gulf Cartel, with police officers believing that they’re involved. Captors demanded ransom from the Elvira family, chaining their father to trees and beating him ruthlessly to be taken seriously. Nobody met their demands and Narciso didn’t lose faith in his people. Subsequently, he remained in the Veracruz state for another five years. Employees of the Elvira family are being questioned, with officers believing that some employee provided details regarding Narciso’s daily plans.

Narciso and Gustavo Elvira were driving country roads located outside their farm when numerous men ambushed them. The car was captured by these unknown individuals, with eyewitness employees fleeing the scene when firearms were displayed. Since remaining members in the Elvira family revealed this announcement, multiple fans of this pitcher have expressed their condolences and respect via his Twitter. Considering that Narciso Elvira was a local celebrity, law enforcement is taking this case seriously.

Murder Rates in Mexico

The United Mexican States has become of the most deadly nations worldwide, with their murder rate being the highest in 2019. Marking the most dangerous year in Mexico’s history, more than thirty-four thousand individuals were murdered under official records. That number is estimated to be fifty thousand with unconfirmed murders. Most of these deaths are associated with kidnappings, drug trafficking and extortion from Mexican cartels.