MLB Returning to the Dominican Republic

Major League Baseball will be returning to the Dominican Republic for the 1st time in twenty years. This re-entrance into the Dominican Republic baseball market will be for a Spring Training Contest, which will be played between the Tigers and Twins. These training events will be located at the “Santo Domingo Estadio Quisqueya Juan Marichal.” Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, will be in attendance for this venue. Appearances will extend to Tony Petitti, the Deputy Commissioner for MLB. This announcement also confirmed that three “Play Ball” youth games would be maintained within the Dominican Republic as well. That’ll include two matches in Santo Domingo, with the other following in the Barahona province.

Nelson Cruz from the Minnesota Twins, a native from the Dominican Republic and a designated MLB Hitter, expressed that this upcoming match is something special. Those statements continued with Cruz mentioning that he’s lucky to be one of the men that define baseball in the Dominican Republic, that everyone in the Minnesota Twins is excited. Those wanting to watch this venue will have to wait until April 18th to 19th. It’ll be one of three games held outside the United States of America. Additional matches include the Miami Marlins vs New York Mets in Puerto Rico. It extends to the other matchup against the Chicago Cubs and the Saint Louis Cardinals in England.

The History of Dominicans in Major League Baseball

There are more than 102 players in Major League Baseball, with an additional 220 entering “Big League Camps” throughout 2020. The overwhelming percentage of players are from the Dominican Republic, with them holding the most prominent culture reputation outside the USA in Major League Baseball. This hasn’t stopped these matches from being accessible, with tickets for each particular event being sold out within twenty-four hours. The Minnesota Twins versus Detroit Tigers for the Dominican Republic sold out in twelve hours, with the venue capacity being only fifteen thousand.

Nelson Cruz mentioned that everywhere you go throughout the Dominican Republic has children and adults playing baseball in the streets. He noted that it’s their ultimate passion as a nation, with the game holding substantial importance for Dominican people. It should be noted that it’s been twenty years since Major League Baseball has arrived in the Dominican Republic, with their last appearance being in 1999. The New York Mets and the Montreal Expos.