MLB Seeks Assistance from Apple and Google

Apple Incorporated & Google confirmed their inclusion with the 2020 Major League Baseball Season. MLB required the services of technology conglomerates that maintain innovative products to assist with coronavirus protocols & measures. Apple and Google are aiding MLB by providing multiple technologies, which will help create artificial crowd noises & enhance their replay system. It marks the 1st time that Google has worked with Major League Baseball in any other format than advertising. Apple has maintained a contract with MLB since 2016, extending their partnership into the 2020 season.

How Google & Apple are aiding with artificial crowd noises isn’t detailed under the MLB Coronavirus Protocols. July 20th gave fans their first taste of fanfare sounds that were pre-recorded from former MLB games. The Washington Nationals competed against the New York Yankees, which followed with a 2nd opening game from the San Francisco Giants & LA Dodgers. Supporters marked an odd sensation watching games where stands were noticeably empty, but their voices could be heard. Some are suggestion that Major League Baseball follows suit with MLS, allowing for fans to listen to the calls of their favourite players.

Reviewing the Health & Safety Protocols for COVID-19 with Major League Baseball indicated that “TVS” won’t be supported in standard formats. Traditional video stations cannot be implemented in clubhouses after 2020, with Major League Baseball moving towards a more innovative approach with iPads. This prompted the involvement of Apple Incorporated, who are supply teams in Major League Baseball with fifteen iPads each. This calculates for a league-wide total of 450 iPads. MLB Teams have been informed that dissecting performances & scouting reports will be possible exclusively through the iPad.

Google’s Involvement

The Google Company is playing a significant factor in the “iPad Dugout Program”. Major League Baseball determined that Apple’s Cloud Services weren’t viable enough for teams requiring the highest-grade of security. The Google Cloud is known for securing files that maintain back-to-back end verification. Digital infrastructures under the MLB banner must be secured or risk being attacked by unwarranted groups. It should be clarified that MLB had secretly partnered with Google in September 2020, having not made the announcement until July 20th.