MLB Umpires Opting Out of 2020 Season

Rob Manfred faces an onslaught of hurdles to overcome amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The MLB Commissioner has worked actively towards the resumption of professional baseball, often disputing the seriousness of coronavirus in the process. It’s prompted numerous personnel associated with Major League Baseball to opt-out from participating in the 2020 season. Announcements regarding players, coaches, team personnel, and umpires refusing to complete their standard duties have come frequently. Continued opt-outs could see Rob Manfred having to forcibly cancel the shorted 2020 MLB season before all sixty games.

The MLB Commissioner was given an ultimatum unlike any of his predecessors. The Major League Baseball Players Association demanded that Manfred provide modest salaries for umpires, coaches, team personnel, and players. There is a particular condition behind the acquirement of a small wage & that’s proof of the respective individual having a pre-existing medical condition. Individuals deemed “Low-Risk” can still opt-out from competing but won’t receive a dollar of their standard salaries. This hasn’t stopped an influx of Low-Risk players from opting out.

MLB Professionals aren’t the exclusive group announcing their opt-outs.
The MLB Umpire Association confirmed that eleven members wouldn’t attend 2020 season games. An immediate backlash amongst American baseball supporters was immediately seen, showing their lack of sympathy & knowledge behind MLBUA statistics. It’s remarked that the standard Umpire is aged in their 50s to 70s, supporting higher risks to acquire severe illnesses like COVID-19.

Joe West Shocks Community

Throughout the 2019 Major League Baseball Season, 79 employed umpires were aged between 55 to 66-Years Old. This included the likes of Joe West & Gerry Davis. It’s known that Gerry Davis won’t attend following a pre-existing medical condition. However, Joe West is taking a different approach & supporting an ignorant mentality towards the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s emphasized that all deaths occurring from coronavirus aren’t genuinely inflicted from the virus, with Joe West believing other conditions applied to those deaths. West is incorrect with his sentiments considering that COVID-19 testing kits are used exclusively to that virus. He could find himself regretting those sentiments if disobeying COVID-19 social distancing protocols enacted by Rob Manfred.