New York Mets and Miami Marlins Cancel Final Game in Series

Rob Manfred has once again been forced into postponing another Major League Baseball again, with the COVID-19 pandemic being cited for the 34th time. The New York Mets & Miami Marlins have been forced into postponing the finale game, meaning the pre-emptive end to their four-game series. This decision was made after two players in the New York Mets were confirmed positive with COVID-19 from a PCR test.

Details on when Major League Baseball hasn’t clarified the resumption of this series. It’s upsetting for New York Mets & Miami Marlins supporters, who were shocked by the immediate decision-making process that MLB Corporate used in the postponement of this series. Those upset by the lack of details aren’t considering the logistical challenges associated with allowing infected teams to compete, it could result in an influx of league-wide COVID contractions.

The Miami Marlins haven’t been excluded from MLB matches, another reason for the prolonged rescheduling of their series with the New York Mets. The Miami Marlins are now competing against the New York Yankees in Washington, with their four-game series starting on August 20th. Major League Baseball organizers cannot reschedule the Marlins to play against the Mets until their Yankees series is complete. It should be mentioned that MLB organizers are also gridlocked in their scheduling movements, with 34 Games having been postponed in 2020 & meant to resume before year’s end. This is an impossible task for MLB organizers to maintain.

What Did the New York Mets Do?

Coaching personnel with the New York Mets took these announced infections seriously, informing those two players that their to remain in Miami until a positive test is revealed. Infected players weren’t clarified by NYM Coaches, with illuminated details showcasing that the remaining teammates of these individuals were sent back to New York for testing. Those having close contact with those infected players were also informed to remain in Miami. All PCR tests outside the two confirmed cases of COVID-19 were revealed negative. Unaffected players in Miami were allowed to return home on August 18th to 20th.

The New York Mets were gifted with being allowed to compete at higher volumes than any other team in Major League Baseball. Their organization avoided infections for a prolonged period, enabling them to be victorious over most competitors since seasonal matches resumed.