President Trump Booed

Over the past couple of months, the international sports arena was buzzing over various claims of racism in the international sports field. Often it seems to be soccer that was the malignant scene of the crime in the form of the supporters reverting to booing or chanting slants. Still, this past Sunday this utter outrageous behaviour spilt over to baseball. President Donald Trump attended Game 5 in the World Series which took place between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals. When he appeared on the screen, the crowds of this predominantly Democratic city expressed their feelings towards their president with the disgraceful booing of the national leader. This was followed up with the chanting to lock him up.

President Attending the Game

President Trump used to play himself in the position of the first baseman and excelled quite well during his high school years. He even stated during a 2014 interview with the Economic Club of Washington DC that he was recruited to play for Major League. Regardless of this claimed courtship by several MLB clubs, he declined their offers due to the money which they offered him not being enough. Thus with this baseball background, it makes sense that he, like all other presidents before him, attend at least one game at Nationals Park. The park is very close to the White House.

Repetitive Booing From the Crowds

Being booed at a game played in a predominant Democratic voter crowd might be expected. Many presidents before Trump experienced this same poor behaviour from these groups. These include Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan as well as both the Bushes. The concerning factor is, however, that this wasn’t enough for the crowds adamant about expressing their feelings. The booing soon turned into a chant drumming through the stadium and stating that he needs to be locked up.

President Declining First-Pitch

Since 1910 it has been the tradition that the president in office is throwing the first ceremonial pitch of the season. This year President Trump declined from fulfilling this tradition, stating that the amount of bullet-proof protection which he would need to wear would make him seem to heavy and that it would limit his movement. According to Rob Manfred, the commissioner to Major League Baseball, the president stated that he is declining since he wants the supporters to have a more positive experience during the game.

The season was then instead opened with José Andrés, a chef of Washington DC and a major critic of the president. Andrés was extremely vocal regarding the president’s policies on immigration as well as his administration’s response towards the victims in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria shook the country. Regardless of what sport is being played, it remains an unfortunate day when the political views of the supporters attract the attention away from the brilliant game on the field.