Pressure on Rob Manfred Grows

COVID-19 has begun infecting training camps in Major League Baseball. Representatives confirmed that 38 MLB Personnel had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, with the overwhelming majority being players. It’s known that 31 Baseballers have COVID-19, with the remaining seven being team personnel. MLB Representatives were quick to point out that 3000+ Test Kits were collected amongst League personnel, indicating an infection rate of 1.2%. Rob Manfred doesn’t consider this percentage viable enough to terminate upcoming matches planned for the 2020 MLB Season.

Nineteen teams in Major League Baseball has one, or two positive cases of COVID-19. This is considerably lower than the majority of sporting organizations that are operational in Florida. The National Basketball Association is supporting an infection rate of 7.1%, which follows after 25 Players were confirmed with COVID-19. All 351 NBA Players were tested for the virus throughout the last several days.

Rob Manfred & MLB Executives demand that team owners provide their employed personnel with the required equipment needed to survive this pandemic. These demands follow after the MLB Commission informed teams that their players would resume training at home ballparks by July 1st. Their training period will be short-lived before a 60-Game MLB Season is initiated later this summer.

MLB Players will continuously receive COVID-19 Tests under these demands, with standard Health Examinations following. Workout periods in ballpark facilities will be limited to Friday & Saturday, with players permitted exclusive areas for sanitation after training. MLB Execs like Rob Manfred hope that by implementing these optional demands, team owners can avoid significant outbreaks in the professional baseball community.

Avoiding the Impossible

Medical Experts present in MLB Meetings have suggested that avoiding outbreaks is impossible, with 55+ thousand new cases of COVID-19 reported throughout the United States of America. That number is considerably lower than official reports, with Donald Trump limiting testing of COVID-19. It’s suspected the actual number would’ve been 100+ thousand new cases of the novel coronavirus.

Rob Manfred has until July 25th to provide the Major League Baseball Player’s Association with viable safety protocols that go above average standards. The MLB Commissioner could find himself experiencing a “Union Walk-Out” from the MLBPA if Manfred cannot deliver. Considering that Rob Manfred has often disputed the severity of COVID-19, fans of professional baseball should begin preparing themselves for another MLBPA Strike.