Rob Manfred Turns Back on MLBPA

The Major League Baseball Players Association is once again at odds with the corporate division of MLB. This follows after Rob Manfred, the MLB Commissioner, went back on his word to provide players with a full season. This prompted the association to note that Rob Manfred is depriving the United States of baseball games to save the corporate division money. It should be noted that MLB could lose upwards of $4 Billion in finances if an agreement with the Players Association cannot be met. It’s ultimately the player’s decision if they’ll compete or remain home. Not maintaining any form of the 2020 season will cause a deficit with Major League Baseball that’ll never be recovered.

Rob Manfred has become an aggressor towards the Players Association, maintaining a defensive mindset after the MLBPA made a proposal that would initiate a 114-game regular season. Manfred initially wanted an 82-game official season & didn’t take the MLBPA’s responded positively. He’d response claiming that the 2020 Series would be forty-four games, which would prompt a significant cut on yearly salaries. Under this proposal from Rob Manfred, MLB Players would obtain less than 25% of their regular funds. It’d also terminate the $200 million in post-season funds that are meant to be dispersed before official play. Manfred held this money until a 2020 series began, with Rob now refusing to handover those finances.

MLBPA Chief Negotiator Comments on Rob Manfred

The Major League Baseball Player’s Association Chief Negotiator is Bruce Meyer, who mailed a formal letter towards the MLB Deputy Commissioner. Bruce informed Dan Haleem that the threatening remarks from Rob Manfred would lead to players striking. Refusing to meet an agreement with Bruce Meyer’s union will backfire drastically onto Rob Manfred, stopping any opportunity of their being an MLB 2020 Championship.

The MLBPA Chief Negotiator also mentioned that Rob Manfred’s cynical behaviour is depriving Americans of professional baseball. Bruce Meyer believes this is being accomplished to protest corporate salaries while diminishing the livelihood of players & their families. Manfred is demanding more than $800 Million in salary cuts, which wouldn’t directly affect the corporate division or Rob himself. What happens next could be the final straw for Rob Manfred’s career as MLB Commissioner, who has continuously clashed with players.