SKBL Starting on May 5th

The South Korean Baseball League confirmed when their regular-season matches would resume, which follows after the SKBL terminated all operations for 31 days. Originally the delay went into effect on March 28th, with that date not slated to exceed two weeks. Protecting the wellbeing of players and coaching staff prompted an extension on the season suspension. However, that’s slated to change with it being announced that SKBL will resume matches on May 5th. Early resumption of South Korean Baseball follows after the nation contained their outbreak early on, prompting minimal infections and deaths.

This baseball league is nearing four decades of operation, with the SKBL never have come across such predicaments in their history. Unlike other sports leagues that were prevalent during World War II, former strategies couldn’t be enforced. SKBL Officials designated new legislation, enabling for the 2020 season suspension. These officials also prompted alterations to schedule. 100+ matches will be squeezed into a short timeframe, allowing for a full season to be conducted before the winter months.

The Doosan Bears

South Korea’s Baseball League has one influential team, who have stood as the defending champions multiple times. This outfit is the Doosan Bears, and their manager has provided insight into the upcoming season. Kim Tae-Hyoung held a Virtual Press Conference when the May 5th relaunch became official. He remarked that they’d do everything in their power to obtain another championship title, keeping much faith into Paul Alcantara. He’s their latest pitcher and their most notable starter for this season. When reviewing Paul’s statistics throughout his last two professional seasons, significant improvements can be seen.

There is one challenging attribute that’ll be hard for the Doosan Bears and Kim Tae-Hyoung to overcome after the 2020 Season. Nine players are slated to become international free agents, meaning they’ll most likely leave the Doosan Bears for a higher-paying position in another league. Kim Tae-Hyoung will have to persuade team owners into providing higher contracts to these players or lose out on another championship opportunity. However, it was noted that discussions revolving these free agents has been minimal and isn’t concerning right now.