Taiwan Baseball Permits Spectators

Nations throughout Asia have begun reopening their economies and sporting facilities, enabling civilians to engage in healthy lifestyles with added safety measures. One of the 1st sporting organizations to permit spectators was the Taiwanese Baseball League. May 1st saw ballparks in Taiwan restart operations for the permittance of visitors, with a maximum of one thousand spectators allowed. New rules have been implemented at these ballparks to ensure the novel coronavirus doesn’t spread in Taiwan. Those include spectators bringing their food into the facility, with concession stands being closed for the foreseeable future. Spectators must also be spaced by Six to Ten Feet.

Supporters of the TBL agreed with the rigorous protocols, with many matches having already been played for Taiwanese Civilians. This included Frank Cheng, who stands as a seasonal ticket holder with the Fubon Guardians. He was permitted to witness the match against the Union Loins, with a maximum of four guests allowed. Frank mentioned that Fubon Guardian Staff were testing spectators for their temperatures upon entering & leaving the facility. He also noted that his guests were forced to sit three seats from one another.

The Taiwanese Health & Welfare Minister, Cheng Shih-Chung also attended the Fubon Guardians and Union Loins matchup. He was seen wearing a jersey with the number zero, an indicator towards the Taiwan Government’s goal of reaching zero cases of the novel coronavirus. It should be noted that the Taiwan Baseball League began operations on April 11th, which followed after three weeks of matches being postponed. Before the refinement of protocols occurred on May 1st, players and team personnel were the exclusive individuals seen in the fields. After the Taiwan Centre of Disease Control informed that 1000+ spectators would be allowed, stadiums began reopening to the public.

The Fans React

Fans were questioned by reporters on their thoughts behind these prevention measures, stating that these protocols are effective and don’t concern them for their safety. It should be mentioned that minimum Taiwan Civilians are seen at these matches, with the league supporting five teams. This baseball league needs to extend its operational teams if they’ll ever be taken seriously.