The Atlanta Braves Sign Chris Martin

Last season saw significant issues for the Atlanta Braves inside their bullpen, with some players not performing to expectations and others refusing to get along with one another. To correct the problems that took place in the 2019 season, the Braves have signed ten new players for the 2020 season. This has cost the sporting organization a total of $80 Million in contract fees. Those players include Freddie Freeman, Will Smith, Mark Melancon, Tyler Flowers, Ender Inciarte, Nick Markakis, Ronald Acuna, Darren Day, Ozzie Albies and the most recent acquisition of Chris Martin. The Texas Rangers gave up Chris Martin for Kolby Allard, with the Atlanta Braves paying the acquisition cost of $14 Million.

It didn’t take long for the Atlanta Braves to publicly recognize their acquisition of Chris Martin, noting that since the professional baseball player returned in the 2018 season, he has established himself as a formidable player. PR Representatives with the Braves that acquiring Martin before the deadline was an essential goal for Head Coach Brian Snitker. However, most sports analysts are surprised by the final acquisition for the 2020 Season. Martin had a 4.08 Average last season, with only seventeen hits and one home run. Most expected that Chris Martin would be the six or seventh choice for inner-reliever. However, it isn’t known how the Atlanta Braves plan to use Chris Martin for the 2020 Season.

Looking at Chris Martin over a two-season basis, his numbers appear considerably better. He played in 105 games with a 127 ERA+. In those 100+ games, he had ten strikeouts, which is a substantially low number for anyone batting. Between the acquisitions of Chris Martin, Will Smith and Mark Melancon, the Braves now have a formidable team for the upcoming season. Most of these players perform best in critical innings like the seventh to ninth. Brain Snitker has one final chance to revamp the Atlanta Braves or else faces potentially losing his position.

Future Plans

The Braves have spent the full amount of their acquisition funds before the deadline. This means they cannot acquire any new players until Mid-Season. This gives them time to determine how to use their new players best in practice and live games, while also figuring out which players they’ll need for the latter half of the 2020 Season. Sports analysts suspect they will acquire new baseman and catchers. The goal is to make a winning team that can reach the playoffs.