The Ultimate Youth USA STAMP Bats for 2018

The new standard of baseball bats certainly add an interesting touch to the game, especially with young bats. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the bat, giving you the ultimate advantage. Not only do you need to consider the length and weight, but the balance of the bat could also make a major difference.

Therefore, it’s not always about choosing the best bat as it might not be perfect for your needs, but there are a few great places to start, which aren’t only the best ones available, but cater to all players as well. Once you know what to look for, head out, try each of the following and see how it suits your needs.

Youth Bats

There are mainly 2 options with youth bats, including aluminium and composite bats. Both offer a range of bat styles, lengths, weights and balances, allowing you to choose your preference. The aluminium bats range from the $100 to $200 range while the composite bats start at around the $300 mark and ranges up to about $350.

One of the main differences is that the front of the youth bats are thinker than before, offering a much bigger surface area. Of course, this does make the bat a big heavier, but it certainly makes a difference when it comes to hitting the ball.


The Rawlings 5150 is a great choice for younger players as it provides a drop-11, making it one of the most balanced and lightest available. It’s a little thinner than the new youth bats, but with the advantage of weight, it might just provide that advantage some younger players require.

The Eastern Beast X Hyperlite is yet another great aluminium option for as a youth bat as it offers a drop-12 and is by far the lightest of them all. Compared directly to the Rawlings 5150, you’ll have a slight advantage with the bigger barrel, but some might prefer the balance and weight of the smaller bat.

The Eastern Ghost X Hyperlite is the first of the composite bats on the list and possibly one of the best. It’s a single piece bat with a drop-11 rating, which is actually really light for composite bats. On top of that, the bat comes with a huge sweet spot and it’s extremely well balanced, making it one of the favourites. Sure, it comes with a much higher price tag than the bets above, but if it’s even a slight option, it’s well worth the consideration.

The Rawlings Quatro is the last bat on the list with a drop-10 rating that makes it a bit heavier than the others, but there are many who prefer this to get just that tad of additional power. It’s also a great choice for youth players, the Quadro also comes with a massive sweet spot, but the balancing is a bit more towards the front, making it the perfect companion for the older-style player.