The Unease in Major League Baseball

MLB Players are continuously growing concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, as various outfits regularly announce confirmed infections. Rob Manfred could find himself struggling with a league-wide epidemic of the novel coronavirus, which would prompt the involvement of medical experts & government officials. The MLB Commissioner could forcibly be told to terminate all operations, which looms with every announcement of concern from players.

Athletes in Major League Baseball were told to resume training camps, disregarding any possibility of social distancing. MLB Teams are now working to force the hand of Rob Manfred by closing their respective training camps. This included the Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants. The Boston Red Sox are expected to implement similar measures before their opening day in two-weeks time. Medical experts & the MLBPA was implored Rob Manfred to terminate the sixty planned games for 2020, avoiding a possible pandemic & ensuring the lives of team personnel.

Jake Diekman from the Oakland Athletics spoke on MLBs corporate handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized that it’s known multiple executives & organizers are working their hardest to create a safe environment. However, Jake noted that it’s not enough to limit infections & have prompted concern amongst all professional players. Their fear comes from how Rob Manfred is handling the pandemic conditions, which stipulates that all team personnel can receive a single testing kit for COVID-19 per road trip. Considering that each road trip sustains ten days & infections can spread hourly, it’ll be easy for an outbreak to unfold across each teams’ busses.

Tested Positive Players for Week of July 6th

  • Hunter Bishop – New York Giants
  • Luis Madero – New York Giants
  • Bobby Dalbec – Boston Red Sox
  • Eduardo Rodriguez – Boston Red Sox
  • Ryan O’Hearn – Kansas City Royals
  • Brad Keller – Kansas City Royals
  • Franmil Reyes – Cleveland Indians

The most shocking infection announcement to come from Major League Baseball this week regarded Franmil Reyes. He knowingly participated in training camp while having the novel coronavirus, exposing himself to the full team & refusing to social distance when provided free time. It’s suspected that unusual punishments will ensue onto Franmil Reyes, meaning possible cancellation of his contract.