Toronto Blue Jays Conversing with the Federal Government

We’ve been reporting the negotiating strategies of Rob Manfred for weeks, with the MLB Commissioner struggling to obtain respect from the Players Association. It’s resulted in no formal agreements between the two parties being issues, prompting some analysts to wonder if an official 2020 Major League Baseball Season will unfold. Teams are avoiding waiting for the response of Rob Manfred & begun strategizing where it’ll legally be permitted to play professional baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays are 1st to move forward for 2020, confirming that their making strategies for seasonal play at the Toronto Rogers Centre. Plans extend towards the Dunedin TD Ballpark in Florida. Confirmation on which stadium will host the Toronto Blue Jays is factored by MLB corporate & government approval.

The Toronto Blue Jays clarified that they’d prefer competing at their home stadium in Toronto. Mark Shapiro, the chief executive officer of the Blue Jays, mentioned that he’d been continuously negotiating with the Federal Government. These discussions extend towards the Provincial Government of Ontario as well, with neither providing Mark Shapiro clearance to begin professional baseball. Even with approval status from the Canadian Government, Rob Manfred wouldn’t permit the Blue Jays to resume unless he’s issued a 2020 MLB Season Schedule.

Government Selection

The Canadian Federal Government has given its civilians a false representation of what to do during COVID-19. Initially, it was reported to maintain social distancing at all costs. After the George Floyd Protests, it seems that the Liberal Government has given up on physical distancing. Civilians have been permitted to return to normal life, disregarding their safety or the chance of a 2nd wave.

Another element that’s factored into civilian life returning to normal in professional sports. Canada isn’t permitting multiple sports for resume play, with its most significant leagues given the right to restart operations. Tennis is still cancelled, but professional baseball & hockey are slated to resume. It’s rumoured that the Federal Government is debating on which metropolis in Canada will portray an “NHL Hub City”. Their options include Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton. Montreal, Quebec isn’t being considered for their continued efforts to leave the Canadian Union.