Value of Baseball Cards in 2019

Collecting baseball cards is a hobby that did not start recently, and those who hang on to their most valuable cards could quickly sell it for six or seven figures. The amount some people spend on houses others spend on an old piece of cardboard. So anyone that argues that baseball cards belong in the past has no idea of just how valuable these have become.

Baseball Cards as Expensive as A Very Nice House

The mass production in printing baseball cards in the ’80s and ’90s did have a significant impact on the value of baseball cards. Those that are pre-War cards are seen as vintage baseball cards, and the benefits are enormous. If you are one of the lucky baseball card collectors, you might consider selling some of your most special cards, once you know the values.

White Border Honus Wagner Baseball Card – 1909-11 T206

This is the Holy Grail of all collectors’ cards if you have a 1909 American Tobacco Card called the Honus Wagner you are one of the luckiest collectors. Regardless of the condition of the card, the selling price is well over a million. The Honus Wagner T206 is part of the set that is not as rare, although the price is high as these were pulled early from production. The reason why this happened is not apparent, although, rumour has it that Wagner wanted payment from the company that used his image. Other think he was not happy to be involved with any company that promoted the use of tobacco to young children. It is predicted that there are only around 50 or a maximum 75 of the cards in circulation.

It is and will remain the most valuable of all baseball cards for many years to come. Which means you have to be careful of fakes and always consider the services of PSA grading or any other reliable company before buying or selling your baseball cards. The Hone Wagner is by far not the only valuable, so we move onto the next.

311 Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps

The most expensive of the post-war cards is that of the 1952 Topps, more specifically the Micky Mantle card. This card is valuable due to several reasons, which includes that it was the first Topps card for the year in 1952. This was the year Topps entered the card market, this makes the set extremely popular, and even the most common can be traded at $1,000. The high number of the card that falls into the game starting from 311 to 407 indicates that fewer Mickey Mantle rookie card was printed than what the 1952 Topps on average. It is a well-known fact that most of the cards with high numbers were dumped into the ocean, which means there are even less around. Also though there are a few different Mickey Mantle cards, this is the most important. So if you have any baseball card, it might be time to start trading.