Warming Up Before a Game

Getting warmed up before practice or your next game could be the difference between performing well or walking away with stiff muscles, a sore back or even worse, pulling a muscle. Luckily, there are workouts that allow you to get warmed up quickly and be ready for what the game demands.

Since baseball is a physically demanding sport, you’ll want to get your blood pumping and ready for action. The workout below would even get you sweating a little which is a good thing as it indicates that you’re all warmed up, muscles are stretched out and your heart rate is up.

Getting to the field, dropping your gear and going to hit a few balls is the worst way to get started. Sure, most do it and it seems to work, but there’s a big difference when you want to perform at your best. With heading over to hit some balls when you get to the field, you risk pulling muscles, especially if you push a little harder than you should from the very beginning. This also doesn’t allow you to warm up all your muscles, but rather just those used to hit the ball.

If you stretch and warm up before the game or practice, you’ll be looser, able to move around easier and jump into any actions you need to. If you’ve played baseball for a while, you’ll know muscle injuries are common, especially for those who don’t take the time to warm up.

High Kicks

High kicks are great to loosen lower back, arm, shoulder and even leg muscles without putting too much strain on yourself. They are really easy to do as you’d simply reach out with one of your arms and kick straight out with the opposite leg. Start small and reach all the way up with your kicks, almost getting as high as the hand stretched out in front of you. Do one kick at a time and then switch sides, meaning you’ll stretch out with the other arm and kick with the opposite leg.

High Knees

Once you’ve got the kicks all sorted, shift over to high knees as this once again allows the muscles in your body to stretch with ease and get your heart rate up without much effort.
These are also easy as you simply lift your knee as high as you can while walking forward. Some players do it as fast as possible by standing in once place, but for the best results, we recommend slowing down and doing one at a time.

Butt Kicks

Finally, we got some butt kicks, which are actually very common in baseball as it allows the athlete to loosen up their upper legs without risking any muscle pulls. It’s also a great way to get the heart rating up.

Start with a slow run and bend you legs far enough back to touch your butt each time. You can do these at a fair pace, giving you the best possible results and getting you warmed up.