Which Pitching Machine is Best The Best

There are many pitching machines on the market that are designed to help baseball players improve how the perform at bat. It is arguably one of the most important tools that a baseball team or serious player can invest in and can have a large impact on the team.

Which is the better of those offered is often debated, and with that, we felt it important to look at those most popular and look at each pitching machine and battling cage advantageous and disadvantageous.

The most common machine is the arm styled one and for most teams, it is preferred as it is the original style and one proven to be most helpful. Currently there are three pitching machines that have the best feedback and ratings. These include:

• Hopper Fed Pitching Machines
• Rack Fed Pitching Machines
• Pro Hopper Fed Machines
• C-82 Youth Training Machines

Common Pitching Machine Qualities

All of the mentioned machines are constructed with heavy-duty materials and will arrive almost ready to be used. They will accept dimple and leather balls and can pitch balls up to 85 mph. They include identical drive systems, motors and electronics, remote control and cored control, so what is the benefit between the four.

Rack and Hopper Fed Machines

Hopper fed machines offer a different system for delivery, and that is the main separating factor. The rack fed system will hold a maximum of thirty-eight hard balls or twenty-eight soft balls. This system is ideal for those with a budget or if using at home.

This style is the only one that offers wheels for easy transport and can easily be moved by two people. Its limitations include the fact it will only allow for ten balls a minute and with softballs you will have to reload over three minutes. The loading only takes thirty seconds but this is still a limitation although not inhibiting for home use.

The Pro Hopper is more geared for semi or professional teams that will not want to have to reload on a frequent basis. These will hold up to six hundred hard balls or four hundred softballs. While they will look the same, the cost different is $300, which is not a lot when you consider the differences.

The extra investment is well worth it when you actor in the extra reinforced steel that is located near the machines front then. It includes a positive feed symbols that will keep the balls coming and will see batters not having delays and therefore maximising the time they have to improve at hitting the balls.


When it comes to purchasing a pitching machine and cage, one of the more important decisions made will be the budget you are working with. The hopper styled machines allows for up to 600 balls to come back-to-back and for the extra investment, it is well worth it. The regular rack or hopper symbol is fine for home use unless budget is not an issue.