White Sox Sign Edwin Encarnacion

The MLB Acquisition period has begun and has seen numerous organizations acquiring new players for their lineups. The most recent acquisition comes from the Chicago White Sox, who announced that they’d added Edwin Encarnacion to their organization. This deal is reported to be a one-year contract for $12 million, with this information first being ported by 670’s the Score with Bruce Levine. It was later confirmed by the White Sox, who noted that the deal is worth $11 million with an additional $1 million sighing bonus. This contract also enables them to potentially keep Edwin Encarnacion for the 2021 season for the same respective amount of $12 million.

Edwin’s History

This information shocked reporters, who didn’t anticipate the 14-year veteran to join the Chicago White Sox. Throughout his career, he’s played with five teams, marking the White Sox his sixth organization in Major League Baseball. Edwin Encarnacion is a three-time All-Star Champion, with his most recent season being one of his best. While playing for the Mariners and Yankees, his record stood at a .244/.344/.531 average. This included 86 RBI’s and 34 home runs.

Edwin would’ve continued to play with the New York Yankee’s if it hadn’t been for his injury earlier in 2019. He was stricken by a pitched ball, causing a fracture in his right wrist. The Yankees opted out to now re-acquire Encarnacion for 2020, which forced them to pay $5 million in buyout fees. New Yorkers weren’t pleased with this transition, as Edwin assisted players like Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge in their growth. However, this decision does open more opportunities up for the Yankees during the acquisition period.

White Sox Reformation

The Chicago White Sox are hopeful that Edwin Encarnacion can bring them back to a formidable status. They will rely on him to create a stronger offensive for the White Sox, with goals set on the MLB Playoff Series in 2020. This isn’t the first acquisition that the Chicago White Sox have made this period, with efforts to reform their lineup nearly completed. It’ll allow them to compete against the Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins for Championship Contention.

Additional acquisitions include Gio Gonzalez for Pitching, Yasmani Grandal for the Mid-Field Catcher, Dallas Keuchel for Batting, and Normar Mazara for First Baseman. Completing their lineup with Edwin Encarnacion provided the Chicago White Sox with a nearly perfect first lineup in this upcoming season. Previous top-rated players returning include Eloy Jimenez, Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, and Grandal.