One of Wilson’s models, the A2000, is maybe the finest glove out there. It is one of the most popular gloves among young players and even the pros. If done properly, the glove only takes around a month to break in. I recommend that you use hot glove treatment to help break in the glove faster. Using the product will help you better understand how to break in a baseball glove. Many players that I have spoken to say that the pocket has a great feel and fits very well on their hands. They also talk about how the style and different colors that many players have. The A2000 is a fantastic glove and I would recommend it to any player. It has infield, outfield, catcher, pitcher, and first base versions, so it is perfect for every position. Other models produced by Wilson include A2K, A1K, 6-4-3, and Showtime, A600 (outfield and catcher). Most of these are all around quality gloves, aside from the A2000 catchers mitt, which takes a very long time to break in and loses its shape quickly. Overall, Wilson makes quality baseball gloves for somewhat reasonable prices, with the A2000 being one of the best baseball gloves out there.Baseball glove reviews


Many of Mizuno’s mitts are very affordable, but some of the higher quality ones are very pricey. The cheaper gloves are very solid gloves. Some of the cheaper models are the MVP Series and the World Win Series (catchers and first base mitts). The MVP Series gloves have a good feel and can be broken in as short as a week! I highly recommend the MVP Series gloves. The World Win Series gloves are very comfortable and only take about a month or so to break in. I would say that the World Win Series mitts are decent, but you can find a higher quality glove if you are willing to spend a little more cash.

Mizuno also offers a number of limited edition gloves. Some of these are the Mizuno Pro Limited Edition and the Global Elite gloves. These gloves have all the traits of a great glove: the right amount of padding, comfortable fit, easy to break in, etc. The only issue with these is the price. I would recommend these gloves only if you are willing to pay for them. The cost cant be anywhere from $200-$500.

In summary, Mizuno makes quality gloves that are affordable, but also makes expensive gloves that are worth every penny.

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